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Boiler Installations in Kent

We provide high quality, professional boiler installations in Kent and the surrounding areas

At Abode, we have been installing the highest quality boiler systems in the properties throughout Kent for many years. Our team of fully trained, expert engineers have both the knowledge and skills to offer you the best advice when it comes down to the heating system in your home. With all boiler installations, we work alongside our customers to ensure the new boiler type is suited to the needs of their household. 

Boilers are a significant appliance to any property for many reasons. They heat the radiators, which heat the rooms of your home in the colder months, as well as heating your water up, providing you with a readily available supply of hot water whenever necessary. This means being without could cause great discomfort whenever it is cold, as well as an inconvenience when you require hot water for a shower, or to clean your clothes. 

When opting for a new boiler installation, it is crucial the job is fulfilled by a team of fully trained engineers like ourselves at Abode. A poorly installed boiler system could cause extreme damages to both your home and the people inside of it. We ensure all health and safety regulations are adhered to throughout each installation. This means from the moment we start to the moment we finish; your home environment will be safe and secure. 

There are many advantages that come with a newly installed boiler. Not only will you benefit from the production and efficiency of your new heating system, but you will also be saving your money due to lower monthly energy bills. Modern boilers function much more accessible than older models, making them much easier and cheaper to run. 

It is our job at Abode, to get your new boiler installed and up and running to its maximum potential. Once installed, you can put your confidence in us that your new heating system will bring nothing but comfort to you and your home. 

If you are looking for a team to assist you with the installation of your new boiler, look no further than Abode Gas Plumbing and Heating Services in Kent. Why not give us a call today on 07545461403 for a no-obligation quote or to talk to our team further.


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